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Elysia's Testimonial

When I received this beautiful testimonial in my email inbox. I was speechless. I am forever in awe of my amazing clients, the ways they enter my life + the journey we get to go on together.

About a month or so ago, I received this beautiful testimonial in my email inbox. I was speechless. I am forever in awe of my amazing clients, the ways they enter my life + the journey we get to go on together. When you work with clients on an ongoing basis, and check in day-to-day, it is truly profound to hear the sum and takeaway of their experience.

Deep, deep gratitude to Elysia for these generous reflections of her experiences interacting with me personally and being in the Alignment Mastermind Program.

Contact me to add your name to the waitlist for the next round of the Alignment Program.

"I first met Jess back in high school, and knew her through the community as we grew up within the same friend circles. I remembered being so impressed by her nail tech skills that my mom and I both saw her to have our nails done, when I was probably in my mid-teens. I knew back then that not only was she mature and professional, but also that there was something special about her too. I felt comfortable with her, admiring her quiet peace and blonde hair, smiling from her eyes. When she opened her salon, I remember her advocacy for natural makeup brands, and I always returned to purchase my beauty products there. Her smile always lit up whichever room she was in. I remember watching her brand expand and grow, as she morphed into a businesswoman complete with bridal makeup, a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians and even her husband Phil at reception (an angel on earth).

Eventually I became aware of her writing and was called to follow along and read what she had been posting on her blog. Her post that blew up was one that most of us know well enough by now. I remember being stricken with a feeling of loss and despair. But also underneath of that, a tenderness and a resounding hope. I told everyone I could about it. The sheer power behind her writing brought so many of us to ask questions of ourselves: how can we be allies? How do we help other women struggling with the same issues? A sense of community grew from our shared experiences. I admired her unapologetic, academic view of her experiences, informing me that even though I never desired to be a mother, my allegiance still lay with other women and our shared struggles. When I first saw her at Sacred Roots Yoga for a class, her lightness and freedom were almost blinding. There she was, a beacon of education waiting to be unfolded and shared. I enjoyed watching her grace, her warmth with everyone, and her commitment to the practice. Around this time was when the Alignment Mastermind Program launched. I saw how her branding progressed almost as if by magic. A single-ply announcement on instagram became a noteworthy, carefully curated account for all things hopeful and good.
By this point, the Jess I knew had become a mother, a brand, a doula, a mentor, a meditator, a helper, and so much more. I was so shocked at the transformation that I wanted to know how she had done it. I realized this was not a diet, nor a tea cleanse, or even a meditation workshop or career path that had changed her. This was an up-levelling, an alignment with her soul calling her home, and a commitment to a lifestyle change. She had become the most beautiful person, gracious with compliments, handing them out like glitter. I wanted to be more like that. I felt a heaviness and a darkness that even though had become much better visiting Sacred Roots and taking medication, needed something else to be tweaked before it would lift. I started resonating deeply with her posts, seeing how the course had changed people for the better. The club seemed like a place I needed to be, operating on the grounds of inclusivity and opportunity. I reached out to ask her about her work, and started interacting with her instagram stories, finding myself answering the questions she posed, and reading the books she suggested. Finally one day she scheduled a time to call me and my life forever changed.

There were no expected forced answers, and I felt heard. Somewhere between a therapist and a guru, there was this woman I had always known, invested in my answers. After a conversation with her, I immediately knew that she was the right person to trust with my journey, and looking back now, I am incredibly glad that I did. I chatted about the opportunity with my parents, and they encouraged me to follow my instinct. Throughout the sign-up process, Jess was incredibly open to answering any questions I had, and had a very low-pressure approach to getting me on-board. Once I was in, it was locked and loaded, the rest of the clients excited for me, and I was being catapulted toward my best self. The refreshing piece about the course was that there was nowhere to fail. I appreciated this, as a recent university graduate. I was looking for structure, but not seeking to be critiqued or treated as though I had no experience. The best part of all this was the undivided attention Jess bestows upon her clients. My one-on-one sessions were my favorite part of the process. Her caring nature and selflessness are so integral to the program. I felt as though I was being guided, not forced, and invited to explore how I felt, instead of judged. The weekly calls helped me entrench my beliefs - hard not to do when everyone in your circle is saying a resounding YES. All of us had so many aligned experiences that they will forever be participants in my journey. Their individual gifts, hobbies, and careers were eye-opening, and I am grateful for my fellow alignment alumni.

The workload of the program was very manageable for me - in fact it gave me a purpose to plan and reflect on so many things. Carving out the time for myself to complete the work was essential to the practice. The format was so easy to follow, especially the online group and the weekly calls. I took many notes by hand, and would definitely suggest re-writing them to further understand, in an online or cloud format to have them forever. The work can be as much or as little as you make it. I found myself changing in small ways each day, getting used to new routines and found things that worked best for me and my lifestyle. The program continues to have an effect on my life, and I am constantly referring to my time spent in it. I firmly believe that it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Whether you are looking for entrepreneurial support or personal growth, the alignment mentorship program has something for everyone. I encourage anyone who is curious to reach out to Jess, and to start a dialogue with her. She has taught me to always ask questions, constantly reflect, and to learn from my experiences. Not only am I proud to call her a great friend, but I am also happy to call her a mentor with a meaningful impact on my life.

With thanks,

Elysia Allos"

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