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How To Co-Create Your Reality Using The Restaurant Analogy

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Wondering how to co-create your reality? READ THIS 👇🏿👇🏽👇🏻
This is an analogy I shared one day during the Alignment Mastermind call to illustrate how collaborating with Source works. Let me know if you find this helpful in the comments below 💡
Here goes. So you’re hungry, thinking about what it is you’d like to eat. You decide you’re going to go to a restaurant, because you don’t feel like cooking or doing it on your own, but which restaurant do you choose?

First, you ask yourself, “What do I feel like eating today?” (What results, outcomes or goals do I want? What would I love to have? How do I want to feel? What experience am I seeking? What time + energy do I have for this)

You may have something in mind, like a very specific dish from a specific place, or you may be open to trying something new. However, wherever you choose to go, you’ll likely have a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of the price point, service, vibe, what’s offered, what to expect, and most importantly: what you’ll be eating (receiving).

You show up, walk in, are greeted by the host, and get seated. You look at the menu, or maybe you’ve been looking at this menu or thinking about this for a long time, and you know what you want. Great! (Clarity, inspiration + desire)

The server comes over to take your order, you place your order. Sometimes you order your menu items as-is, or make modifications to your liking and taste. Sauce on the side, extra _____, substitute white rice for brown rice, etc. (All of the steps mentioned above + paying for your meal = taking action)

The server then takes your order and goes through the steps of inputting it into the system, relaying the information to the kitchen, so they can prepare it for you. (Surrender)

Meanwhile, you have completely surrendered your order to the server, trusting that they will do their thing with it. Not really too sure what it all entails, it doesn’t really matter, and it’s not your job to know. You sit back and enjoy the wait. You’ve done all you can for now. You do not follow the server and see if they’re inputting all the correct information into their system, you do not ask everyone in the kitchen what they’re doing, and how or why they’re doing it. You don’t place all their grocery orders and prepare all the food and start cooking it your way or micromanaging the way they’re preparing things. Of course you don’t do that, because that would be insane!

While we are waiting for the order to be prepared, we are not worried about the HOW. We know, “They’ve got this. That’s why I am here”.

Once it’s ready, the server then brings it to our table.

*important* We must receive (or not) what it is we ordered. Otherwise, it still belongs to the restaurant.

Sometimes it arrives much quicker than anticipated, other times it’s a longer wait.

Sometimes it shows up EXACTLY how you ordered, just like how you thought it would, and really hits the spot. Other times, you wonder “WTF is this?”, is just satisfactory, different from what you thought it’d be, or not what you expected at all.

Then, be realistic about what you received. Was it as great as you thought? Was it different? How so? Are you going to order that again? Would you modify it next time?

Be realistic about what it is you want and what you’re expecting. We don’t go to an Italian restaurant expecting sushi. We’d never go to McDonalds to get fresh-pressed green juice.

We are constantly disappointed by shitty results (or a complete lack or results) because we either: A) aren’t clear on what we want, B) are looking in the wrong places/people/experiences/things, C) have unrealistic expectations, D) don’t feel safe receiving what we really want as we don’t feel deserving, smart enough, talented enough, worthy etc, or E) aren’t being honest with ourselves

The Universe is open and ready to serve you 24/7! The Universe is taking orders, and happy to collaborate with you!

Place your order, surrender the HOW, receive your order, and be honest with yourself about how it all went, and adjust accordingly for next time.

Stop micromanaging the Universe. Be a collaborator by getting clear, placing your order in your head or out loud, surrendering it and relaxing into the present moment with faith and trust that it’s on its way. Sit back and wait for your order to come, you won’t miss it! And when it shows up and arrives, receive it, you ordered it!

Stop going to the same restaurant, ordering the same shitty thing when you know you don’t even like it, only to complain and show up the very next day and do it all over again.
You’re in charge and it’s up to you to take care of where you place your orders (money, thoughts, attention, time + energy).

Remember, you can always choose a different restaurant, menu item, or work towards becoming a better receiver! 🍴

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